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There are 8 belltents on raised noble wooden terraces built by ourselves.

Georges thought about your safety: raised to avoid humidity that can emanate from the ground, enough screws to solidify the structure, and barriers to prevent any fall of 1 meter.


We took care to select the perfect tents and arranged them comfortably to ensure a restful sleep (can be shared max 2 persons).
Did you know that the round base of a tent is an example of an ideal habitat for humans? Indeed, it seems that the circle is the most beneficial. It brings us back to the structure of the cell, the nucleus, the belly of our mother, the universe.

No Wi-Fi available (except for emergencies). Pura Natura favors human connections first and foremost.

learn & move

We have built a splendid wooden platform of 70sqm (shaded) with an amazing view into the countryside.


Every pieces of wood has been treated with care and love.


Yoga mats and massage futons can be provided upon request.




We have our Swiss chalet, origin requires.


Chalet also thought and built by our security master, made of wood, which has the “WOW effect” when you open the door.


There are two spacious bathrooms, all comforts, shower, hot water, WC, one with sea view and the other on the mountains (something to take your time), sink near the toilet with a thought all particular for cup users.



As if the rest was not enough, there is the sea, well our little private version of the sea, our giant bathtub, the pool!

2 meters deep all along, something to delight real swimming.


There is also the lounge, shaded, to enjoy moments of pause, contemplation and sharing.

feed your body and soul


Meals are served in a common space dedicated to this purpose.

Three healthy daily meals (cold / hot buffet) with delicious local ingredients, prepared with love by our super Chef, in an intimate, warm space.


Pura Natura favors seasonal and regional cuisine. We offer vegetarian, vegan, traditional and gourmet.

Dietary restrictions are taken into consideration when feasible.

Water, tea and coffee are complimentary


Located 30 minutes from Malaga Airport, Pura Natura organizes transfers.

Date, time and meeting point are made available to the guests in due course.

packing tips

  • Clothing (dont forget a sweater for evening in case and your swimsuit!)

  • Biodegradable cleansing products

  • Flashlight

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Personal medical treatment, if any

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat, cap

  • A pair of sneekers

optional visit

Pura Natura can organize various outdoor excursions to discover the breathtaking beauty of the region.

Feeling the energy of the Benalmádena Stupa, inhaling the sea air or taking an initiatory walk between sea and mountains can offer pleasant recreations.

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