• Pura Natura

Why the name Pura Natura

Why Pura Natura ? A few words about what this name means to us, what it represents... Pura Natura is understandable in different languages,

english: Pure Nature,

français: Pure Nature,

español: Pura Natura.

🌱 It is obviously about the nature around us: the trees, flowers, the green, the dry (in hot season), the wild life around us, flying, walking, crawling, the element surrounding us, sun, wind, rain, all that constitute the cosmos, natural surrounding, raw as it is. ✨ And also, Pura Natura means our own pure nature as a human being, as a pure soul coming on earth, a pure essence of heart.

With these 2 combines we share a space on a natural ground where it is safe to reach out your true nature and let it free, let it grow. Here you can find the support to be yourself, to let go what's restraining your pure nature to BE.

BE, CONNECT & FEEL, that will be our motto

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