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The earth is in pain

The situation in Andalusia is critical...

Our heart are crying seeing this picture... This is what is happening in Andalusia, and happening way too much : FIRE!!! And this one was by our door and our house is still filled with a smokey smell. We've got to understand living here that the land is dry, there is not enough water and the temperature can get high. It can start a fire... accompanied with human pollution : bottle of glass thrown out of a car window on the road, a cigarette butt, and some unconscious doing BBQ in the dry forest and, AND pyromaniac. They said that here 95% of the fire start by human hand. What's wrong with people?!?!?! We watch closely tweeter and an awesome group of volunteers on Facebook that stay alert and share info regarding fire around here. It's everyday, every single day that a fire happen, even 2, 3 or 4 (today) in the same day. The firefighters here are hero and so well trained! So tonight we give our thanks to them and every human beings participating in helping. We send our intention that people get conscious of their action and repercussion they can have and most importantly that we can all work for this planet and not destroying it.

Photo by Bomberos de Mijas

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