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Ask permission

It is a feeling that makes us live, RESPECT for all types of life, live with, work with, be grateful, share love and energy.

We are far from knowing everything, we are wrong sometimes and it is day after day, step by step, that we learn and improve ourselves.

The nature where we live is abundant, it is rough and soft, dry and wet, scary and soothing, energizing and relaxing. We have never learned so much from it in the last 3 years. We were the first to jump when we heard a noise, saw a little spider or a moulting snake. Today we baptize the Iberian tarantulas, we watch the wild boars under the window that wake us up in the middle of the night, we leave space for the snake that crosses our path, we talk to trees, plants, animals ... it does not come overnight, our process is observation and knowledge. If we meet an unknown species we get information on the internet, what is it, how does it live, how does it react to the human, what does it need, is it dangerous. we then look for reactions with the human and we spend a time watching it live. Following this, we respect, we spend a pact to live quietly, there is enough space for all and it is in constant state of mindfulness that we move in space.

The following text we borrow it because it touched us...

Ask permission. Before cutting the branch of a tree or removing a flower, tell the spirit of the tree or plant what you are going to do, so that they can withdraw their energy from that place and not feel the cut so strong.

When you go to nature and want to take a stone that was in the river, ask the river keeper if he allows you to take one of his sacred stones.

If you have to climb a mountain or make a pilgrimage through the jungle, ask permission from the spirits and guardians of the place. It is very important that you communicate even if you do not feel, do not listen or do not see. Enter with respect to each place, since Nature listens to you, sees you and feels you.

Every movement you make in the microcosm generates a great impact on the macrocosm.

When you approach an animal, give thanks for the medicine it has for you.

Honour life in its many forms and be aware that each being is fulfilling its purpose, nothing was created to fill spaces, everything and everyone is here remembering our mission, remembering who we are and awakening from the sacred dream to return home.

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