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Pura Natura places its experience and skills at the service of all organizers around the world.

Personalized services


  • Reservations must be for 3 days minimum

  • Booking requires 8 students minimum to 16 students maximum

  • Events must be planned to be held outdoors

  • A bedroom and a living room in the main house are at the disposal of teachers / organizers

Workshops - retreats

  • Therapeutic sessions (yoga, meditation, Pilates, Thai massage, Shiatsu, etc.)

  • Sports activities (martial arts, boxing, etc.)

  • Artistic (music playing, painting, dancing, etc.)

  • Other activities submitted to and approved by Pura Natura


Pura Natura’s support with logistics (airport transfers, accomodation, meals) allows organizers to fully devote themselves to the participants, and to the smooth running of their activity.

Composition of meals can be discussed when necessary, and is open to organizers’ suggestions.

Additional information and rates
Please contact us for more information about the Pura Natura estate, its availability and its price list. We speak French, Spanish and English.

Graphic design
Pura Natura will, upon request, happily provide graphic and marketing support to assist you with the promotion of your event. We use our website and our Facebook page to communicate. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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