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Yin, Deborah, and Yang, Georges (and sometimes the other way around), the perfect fusion of balance, feelings and security.
We share 30 years of diverse experiences (security, sports, music, graphic design, event organization, all in all the full on corporate world).

The circumstances of life and our personal evolution have led us to take a turn to meet with ourselves, get closer to our values and now want to share this experience by providing a space propitious to this.


... I understood the difference between “doing” and “being”.

After 30 years of sharing between serious jobs in security and private activities more artistic and sporty, the time had come for me to give a new twist to my life. But which one exactly?
Being a Cartesian or creative artist depending on the situation, the possibilities were vast and was I really obliged to choose between these two parts that make up our brain?

A year of decline in nature has naturally allowed me to leave out all obligations, temptations, urban pollution and make room in my formatted calculator. Thinking to be hyperactive by nature, not to say stressed, I started to be able to spend 10 minutes contemplating what surrounds me and without guilt. And oh surprise!, I started talking to trees, dragonflies and especially a little red super nice that comes back every year hover over the pool. For a few moments I thought I was going crazy, but no, my historical formatting had just ended and I understood the difference between “doing” and “being”.


In my new adventure, I combined manual work and safety, especially when I built the various wooden structures as part of the Pura Natura project, composed a fully instrumental album and swapped my black leather and sports motorcycle boots for colorful clothes to practice the enduro bike in the “campo” and discover fabulous places that revitalize me. The icing on the cake is to have found the shape and physique of my 20 years!


... it is never too late to change, nor to follow a dream or open up to new possibilities.

From an early age, I was unconsciously initiated to spirituality and alternative medicine. I found and find it fascinating. I realize now that all is energy and being able to understand that, accepting and mastering it to live and work with, seems to be a lifelong task, but without a doubt an incredible experience that is worth every moment.

Then I was taken very early in the world of «conventional» work in Geneva as an administrative assistant, then webdesigner, graphic designer and in parallel as a therapist in Thai yoga massage.
Because of my different travels, I was blessed to have been able to taste the delights of other civilizations, other mentalities. They allowed me to develop my group spirit during beautiful human encounters in unfamiliar lands, be it Thai massage/yoga retreats or volunteering with elephants in Thailand. I speak French, I learned English, a little Spanish and 2-3 words of Thai which allowed me to better understand the countries visited.
With each return trip, I felt more and more unsuited to my choice of life, I wondered about how to get closer to «myself» and lacking action at that moment I exhausted myself emotionally: Burn out!

I then realized that life could be different and that to get out of it, I would have to get closer to my values ​​and take risks. If this period was uncomfortable, the beautiful lotus flower could hatch, you know the one that roots in the mud. New ideas and energies appeared and, taking my courage with both hands, I influenced my destiny knowing well that it was not a question of leaving everything but rather reconciling what I was before with where I wanted to go.

Inspired by my different experiences, especially in Thailand, the project Pura Natura has gradually sprouted. With my partner it was able to take shape beyond my dreams because it combines encounters, manual work, intellectual, creative and allows me to feel alive. I found the desire to create, being in top form and by «chance» I have not been sick for 3 years while I had not spent as much energy for any other project.

This new challenge, which requires adaptation to another country, culture, wildlife, creating a space for sharing and which in the end can benefit and inspire others, proves that it is never too late to change, nor to follow a dream or open up to new possibilities.

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